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Featured topic: Yellowstone National Park (August 2-7, 2008)

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This trip was fantastic, not just because of the stunning natural sceneries, but also because the whole trip was so well-planned, with every single detail taken care of by the senior students and their wives. And I must thank them at this point. Yosemite National Park was a well-known collection of beautiful natural sceneries. However, in my opinion, it's not as wonderful as Yellowstone, although it's said that the time I went to Yosemite was not the perfect season. I'm not saying Yosemite was not beautiful. It was, in fact. The blue sky, the green trees, the gray granite cliffs and the clear streams showed a colorful painting. Running squirrels and flying birds animated the painting. Nonetheless, such a painting could be seen at many other places, while a lot of the sceneries and the creatures at Yellowstone were unique as far as I had ever seen. I had surprises everyday at Yellowstone.




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