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UCI friends

Wendong: Wendong's Live Space

Jihao: Jihao's blog

Paul: Ex-roommate's website

Chengxiang from USTC: Chengxiang Xiang's Live Space

Ben: Classmate Ben's blog

Ben: Classmate Ben's website

Dan: Dan Pan's Live Space

Yuyu: Yuyu Peng's Live Space

Julie's MySpace: an amazing singer and student affairs officer of the physics department

Siyang from USTC: Siyang's Live Space

Seawen from USTC: Seawen's Live Space

moriirom's photostream: Yijun's photos

Xi: Xi's Live Space

Su: Su's Live Space

USTC friends

QB @ Purdue: QB's Purdue website

QB @ Purdue: QB's Live Space

leapor @ Wisconsin: leapor's Live Space

FangYuan @ PSU: FangYuan's Live Space

Lifong: Lifong's website

Buonaparte @ ASU: Buonaparte's Live Space

Jin: Jin's Live Space

Zhaofeng: Zhaofeng's Live Space

canon: canon's Live Space

尘哥: 尘哥's Live Space

Superlbb: Superlbb's Live Space

桃子希希: 桃子希希's Live Space

GY friends

Cyrus's blog

Hot's Live Space

Christy (阿吉): Christy's Live Space

Ayumi: Elementary schoolmate Ayumi's Live Space

ivy-yy: ivy-yy's Live Space

libra23: libra23's blog

Phil-: Phil-'s blog

Lost4ever: Lost4ever's Live Space

Bonnie: Bonnie's blog

Rowena (冰蓝的海): Rowena's Live Space

Daisy @ Shanghai: Daisy's Live Space

windswalk's Live Space

Kelly Ho: Kelly Ho's Live Space

小桃: Kelly Ho的死党

小敏: Kelly Ho另一死党

Ivin's Live Space

Ivin's Xanga

Heidi @ LA: Heidi's photo album

Christina @ UK: Christina's Live Space

CDong: CDong's Live Space

黄澄可: 黄澄可's Live Space

Aegean: Aegean's Live Space

翱翔天地: Peizhi's blog


World Year of Physics 2005 official website

Center for History of Physics: Online physics history museum

Google Scholar: Stand on the shoulders of giants

Web Technology

The best web server software

The best dynamic web language

A light-weight and fast SQL database

Web Standards

The Web Standards Project: Web Standards official website

Leading the Web to Its Full Potential...

A collection of web sites that were created by designers that conform with the W3C standards.

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