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[Northeastern US][D7] Tiring return flight

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We went to the airport way too early for our flight. I was bored at the airport so I turned on my laptop to watch the movie "Crazy Stone" once more. "Are you insanely poor? You think US dollars just fall off the sky?" Bam...

Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport

No free food on the flight. That I expected, so I had dinner at McDonald's. However, I didn't expect no free drinks. Even water cost $2. This is unacceptable. I will never take a US Airways flight anymore. This flight was too long. My mp3 player rolled back to the very first song. I was bored by the camera's games. I used up my laptop's battery. The plane was still not going to land. How huge is the US! The seats were extremely uncomfortable, so I couldn't fall asleep. I felt so exhausted until I saw the bright hotels on Las Vegas. Apparently the airport is not far from the Strip. I could see all those familiar hotels during the landing: Luxor Hotel, MGM, Mandalay Bay... Getting out of the plane, we saw a lot of slot machines in the airport, performing all the familiar slot machine music. This is a genius design. People transferring from Las Vegas can start gambling right out of the plane, without even walking out of the airport. I wondered how many people lost all of their money here in the last minute of their trips in Las Vegas. After a 6-hour flight, we were still not home. We had to catch the next flight home so we didn't have time to play with these slot machines. Otherwise since I was too exhausted, I would have gambled $1. In case I won big money, I would stay in Las Vegas for a night. Soon the next flight took off. The resplendent hotels with the heavy traffic Strip disappeared under the clouds. 2 hours later, sweet home. Adjusted the watch for California time. The 3 hours transfered from 2008 to 2009, were so tiring.

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