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[Northeastern US][D3] World Trade Center ruins

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How time flies. 7 years have passed after the attacks, but I still clearly remember what happened that day. On the night of September 11, 2001 China time, I was doing manual laundry on the balcony of my high school dorm. Another student was listening to the radio and he suddenly shouted, the US was bombed. I thought he was kidding and didn't believe him until the next day a classmate brought the newspaper into the class. That day we had a politics class. The teacher commented a lot on the attacks. During lunch, the TVs in the school restaurant repeated the videos again and again. I still remember that the videotaping of the 1st plane crash was kind of an accident. They were interviewing nearby about sewers. Suddenly there's engine roaring. In no time the camera was raised to target the World Trade Center (WTC) and then boom. After the 1st crash, hundreds of cameras were targeting the WTC, so the 2nd crash was videotaped from all directions and in all sorts of views. I thought the attacks had nothing to do with me. However, facing strict visa check and careful plane boarding safety examination is a result of those attacks. When I stood in front of the ruins, imagining the tall twin towers, looking down the floor where 2700 lives were buried, I felt so close to this incident. The tour guide said he led a tour group onto the twin towers on September 9. Who knew 2 days later ...




Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center twin towers

Other scenes

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Posted at 2009-07-26 10:38:16
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