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Recent life

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Xi said my English blog is not as good as my Chinese blog. Well, at least Mandarin is my quasi-native language. She also said I write blogs less often than I used to. That's because these days I have too many photos to organize and thus have less time to write stuff. Now, I decide to write more, and try to write in both languages.

Recently I've been having too much business. Last Thursday I just got back from Yellowstone. Then on Friday, I had to write an overdue resume and make a website, for yesterday's and today's conference at General Atomics at San Diego. Friday night, Guo's family offered dinner to many friends including me. After dinner, we got together to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Saturday night, dinner at Lake Forest and poker afterwards with Xi et al. Yesterday and today, some colleagues and I commute to San Diego to attend the conference mentioned above. In order to avoid the jammed traffic, we took off at 6am. In spite of that, a lot of people were driving on the freeway already. The freeway entrance signal was on, 2 cars per green. What's worse, there's no carpool lane on quite a part of our way. Fortunately the traffic wasn't too bad. We kept driving at above 85mph.

Chinese version:

最近确实应酬很多,上周四黄石回来,周五先要赶制overdue的resume,然后做网站,都是为了昨天和今天的在San Diego的General Atomics开的会。General Atomics居然是政府机构,戒备森严,申请进出要提交包括resume在内的个人背景资料,才能获得通行证。周五晚应老Guo老婆邀请去吃晚饭,饭后看NBC录播的奥运开幕式,当时感觉很好很强大。周六跟Xi等在Lake Forest晚饭后打牌。昨天今天连续两天commute去San Diego开会。为避开freeway上的commute高峰大堵车,早上6点就上路。其实6点上路车也不少了,入口已经有红灯,2 cars per green。路上很长一段没有carpool lane,变态。不过形势不算太差,持续开在85mph以上。

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Posted at 2008-08-15 04:08:30
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