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[Vegas+Grand Canyon][D2][Vegas] Stratosphere Tower - standing on the 109th floor of Vegas

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(Chinese version of this topic, 中文版)

After visiting the fake Venice, we went to a dancing club, but we failed to get in and play together. Then I wanted to go on top of the Stratosphere Tower with 2 other guys, who had the tickets and got stuck in the traffic jam on the Strip.

The tower was going to close at 2am.
1:35am, they still couldn't get back, so I decided to buy another ticket ($13.95) and go by myself.
1:40am: I rushed to the ticketing place. The seller told me tripod was not allowed on the top, but I didn't have time to put it back, so I went directly towards the tower entrance, pretending I didn't know tripods weren't allowed.
1:43am: At the tower entrance, I had to pass the security check. I took the keys, cell phone out, and walked through the security door. It beeped, but the man said, "you're fine." I thereupon ran to the elevator.
1:45am: The elevator was so fast. I think I stayed in it for less than a minute. Then as the door opened, I walked out of the elevator and was already on the 108th floor. Since there's not too much time, I immediately climbed up the stairs to the 109th floor. At the same time the broadcast was shouting, "we'll be closing in 15 minutes."

Soon after I started taking photos, a security man stopped me using the tripod. Well, then I needed some handhold tricks, and I still got some good shots.


On the left of the picture is the 2nd highest thrill ride in the world. It dangles you over the edge of the tower and then spins in a circular pattern at approximately forty miles per hour.
Refer to the 5th photo in this post to see the 3rd highest thrill ride in the world.



This is the third highest thrill ride in the world. You'll slide over the edge of the tower, and then be pulled back in.
The 2nd highest thrill ride in the world is on the other side of the platform. (mentioned above in the 2nd photo)
The highest thrill ride in the world is in the center of the roof. I should probably say that it's on the 110th floor.
To sum up, the 3 highest thrill rides in the world are all on this tower.





This picture was taken through glass on the 108th floor, which was an indoor place. The 109th floor was an outdoor platform. The wind was hot and strong.

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