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Standing on the 109th floor of Las Vegas

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Standing on the 109th floor of Las Vegas,
facing the light sea of the Entertainment Capital.
I want to capture this gorgeous moment,
quietly, silently, clearly,
but hot winds are dancing crazily.
They are shaking the light sea.
They are shaking my hair and my hands.
They are shaking the images in my camera.
I thereupon indulge my body in the strong turbulence,
floating and drifting along,
until the broadcast says,
"Time is now 2am.
Tower rides are closed.
Hope to see you next time..."

To remember the moment on the Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, at 2am PDT on July 13th, 2008.


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Posted at 2008-07-18 01:16:16
Life - Reading a topic
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