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HP computers are full of junk

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Tons of junk softwares are pre-installed, including:

  • Microsoft Works: It does NOT work, at all. It can't even open MS Office documents correctly.
  • Norton Internet Security/Anti-virus: This thing itself is a virus. It drags your computer down no matter how fast your computer is.
  • Awful lots of junk softwares whose names you've never heard about.

You cannot even remove all these by re-installing Windows. Because when using the recovery partition/DVD to re-install Windows, all the crap is automatically installed without asking. And the standard Windows partition tool is removed so you cannot make changes to your harddrive partitions before installing Windows.

Once you buy an HP computer, your computer is totally raped by HP. It is NOT personal at all.


Posted at 2008-04-07 20:19:20
Life - Reading a topic
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