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Yosemite National Park (Mar. 23-27, 2008)

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Taking advantage of the spring break, Dan, Yuyu, Shiwei, Xiaoxu, Haoru and his wife, and I spent a 5-day trip in Yosemite National Park. Because of its beauty, Chinese people translate its name as "優勝美地". The season of early spring gave this beauty a colorful dress. Gray granite cliffs decorated by green trees and white snow, threw their images in the clear streams. Waterfalls benefited from snow melting and started to run and roar. All of these were decently wrapped by the pure blue sky, and then was given to us as our spring break present. Thank Dan for organizing this trip and driving. Also thank the drivers Yuyu, Shiwei, and Haoru.

Details and photos:



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Posted at 2008-03-28 21:29:21
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