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Hollywood and NBA game (Oct. 30, 2007)

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We visited the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and then went to Staples Center to watch a riveting NBA game: Houston Rockets @ LA Lakers. The reasons of its being riveting are:

  1. It's the 1st game of this NBA season for both teams.
  2. It's also the 1st game of Lakers 60th Anniversary. Because of this, if Lakers won, all the audience would get some free coupons.
  3. Some rare and interesting things happened. For example, once a Lakers player tried to pass the ball to another player at their half court, when none of Rockets players is around and giving pressure to them. However, the ball slipped out of the player's hand and went high up into the air, and then came down directly into their own basket. Own goal!
  4. The result was determined by the last second's contest.

When there's only 1min36sec left, the Rockets were having a 12-point lead.
A large number of Lakers fans were very disappointed and were leaving the stadium. Who would have known that some incredible power burst out of Lakers and they got 10 points in about a minute, 8 points out of which were scored by Kobe Bryant. /em1/
Soon they scored 2 more points and made a tie. /em1/

At this point, there were less than 10 seconds left. Then Lakers attempted an attack but failed, while soon after that Rockets made a 3-point goal. As expected, Lakers called a timeout. And there were only 2.5 seconds remaining. Could they catch up?

Lakers were interviewed by media at this key point.

After the timeout, Lakers served the ball and Kobe Bryant tried to shoot a 3-point goal, but Rockets committed a foul right before that. So Kobe got 2 free throws and the remaining time is about 1 second. Kobe scored the 1st shot. Then he intentionally failed the 2nd shot, trying to catch the rebound and shoot another 2 points. He did catch the rebound, but the time was up before he could jump again, being defended against by Rockets players.

That's it. Final score: Lakers 93 - Rockets 95
At some point of view, it's Lakers' own goal that made Rockets won. Lakers beat themselves.


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Posted at 2007-11-01 01:34:26
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