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[UCI Menu] (Chairman) Mao's Kitchen

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Don't be scared by these pictures. It's just a restaurant which has nothing to do with Chairman Mao. I thought the food would be of Hunan Province, which is Mao's hometown, and thus would be spicy. However, it's not spicy at all. Mao doesn't even pay our bill, although I would really appreciate it if he did.

In spite of that, it's a very good restaurant. The food is wonderfully tasty. /em25/ I will definitely go to this restaurant again.

7315 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046






Check out my new haircut /em13/ :
Thanks for Christina's hair. /em14/

After dinner, we visited the adult store on the other side of the street, which gave me a chance to see the so-called "腐朽堕落的资本主义" (corrupt capitalism) as described in Chinese textbooks. One side of the street is a communist restaurant, and the other is a capitalist adult store. What a funny scene!

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Posted at 2007-09-19 22:45:01
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