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Shot the moon

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Mike said it's just a psychological effect that the moon looks bigger when it's just above the horizon than when it's way up in the sky. I didn't believe it at first, but now my photos kind of proved it's true. I took the following two photos with the same lens focal length. The sizes of the moon in these two pictures are the same, although when I took the first picture, the moon did look bigger.



Other photos:




By the way, in the poker game of Hearts, "somebody shoot the moon" means he gets all the hearts and the spade Q. I didn't know this term until once I shot the moon in the English version Windows. In Chinese version Windows, the translation is quite different.

Hearts wasn't a typical Chinese poker game. It spread to China via Windows 95. It was back in middle school. Dad and I installed Windows 95 on our computer, using 20 more 3.5-inch disks. Then we discovered besides "扫雷" (Minesweeper) and "接龙" (Solitaire), which were in Windows 3.x, there's a new game called "红心大战", which is the Chinese name of Hearts. We learned the rules from the built-in help, and then started playing against the computer.

Later I found my classmates were also playing this game on their computers, and soon we started to play it in the dorm, which was prohibited. So there were always 5 people in the game, 4 playing, 1 watching the window to see if the supervisor is coming. Whoever gets the most points exchanges the watching guy. However, somehow, the supervisor found out. Fortunately she didn't punish us badly. It was a really fun memory. I still remember Windswalk always tried to shoot the moon, so I always tried to prevent him from shooting, for example, passing him the heart 2 or keeping the heart A. On the computer, Windswalk once shot the moon 4 times continuously to make 104 points for each opponent. Shall we call this a grand slam or something?

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Posted at 2007-08-26 23:59:18
Life - Reading a topic
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