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Assemble @uci.edu email into Gmail

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Possible advantages:

  • No need to check two email boxes (@uci.edu and Gmail) any more. Check only Gmail.
  • In Gmail, you can send mails as @uci.edu .
  • Share Gmail's advantages with your @uci.edu email, like large storage, labels, filters, powerful search, automatic organization by conversations, etc.
  • I heard that accessing @uci.edu email around noon is slow. If you assemble your @uci.edu email into Gmail, you don't need to worry about this any more.

Assembling process:

  1. Open http://phwww.cwis.uci.edu/cgi-bin/phupdate.
  2. Login with UCInetID.
  3. In the "email" section, select "Other", and then fill in the blank next to it with your Gmail address, like abcdefgh@gmail.com .
  4. Click "Submit Change Request". From now on, all your @uci.edu emails will be forwarded to your Gmail automatically.
  5. Next, we should make Gmail to be able to send emails as @uci.edu . Login to your Gmail. Click "Settings" on upper right corner. Click "Accounts" section.
  6. In the "Send mail as" part, click "Add another email address".
  7. Input your name and @uci.edu address. Click "Next Step".
  8. A confirmation email will be sent to your @uci.edu email and then it will be automatically forwarded to your Gmail.
  9. Follow instructions in the email to finish confirmation.
  10. Click "Compose Mail" in Gmail. Now you can see a drop-down list in the "From" line, and you can choose the address between your Gmail and your @uci.edu .

Other school emails and work emails can be assembled into Gmail using a similar progress. If the email that you want to assemble into Gmail doesn't support automatic forwarding, but it supports POP3, you can use "Get mail from other accounts" to achieve the same effect. It's in the "Accounts" section in Gmail "Settings".

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Posted at 2007-03-17 17:24:22
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